New Look?

— I wrote and posted something here a few minutes ago, looked at it, thought, yeah, but I also wanted to say more on a different subject, so I wrote the stuff below that begins with “—Yeah,” and when I hit “publish”, the original post disappeared and this one appeared in its place, not farther up or down on the page, like ya might expect… Can I scream now?

—Yeah, I know, Mercury’s still Retrograding- but last night I went through the alternate themes for looks area and danged if that lake in the header photo don’t look a little bit like good old Lake Cayuga-


If ya hate it, let me know.

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28 November, 2014 – 10:00 am:

Black Friday, November 28, 2014  -( -4°C / +24°F w/ ‘Scattered Clouds’ / brightening @ 10:00 am near Ithaca )-

The plug in container on firefox crashed twice, two days in a row. This time I had twitter running in Chrome.  — +609 new tweets @ 10:00 am Eastern —

Noteworthy? — shrug —


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Sunday, September 14th, 2014- Solar Flares and weird spiritual atmosphere?

Sunday, September 14th, 2014 – -( 54°F / 12°C Cloudy and grey out there at 7:30 pm in Ithaca )-

I’ve noticed it in a few places- The convenience store, the gas station, everywhere I’ve gone today, people seem to be under a strain, trying hard not to lose their tempers or break down in tears of frustration?

———At least we got my sweetie’s car back into a good enough mood to get her home tonight——



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Oh no- I fell asleep at the keyboard again-

I fell asleep at the keyboard here and dreamed I was going back into the US Post office I once worked at and the supervisory staff had instituted a whole bunch of new regulations, like be at your station when the bell rings do not talk to anybody, if we catch you taking a bit of a break or slowing down just a little, you will be fired.

I just nodded my head and went along with them.

eeek & 1/2


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Okay- so it’s solar flare time again-

Thursday, September 11, 2014.  -( 10˚C /50˚F & dark @3:23 am )-

Cathi and I frequently remind each other that if our pets started acting strangely, we wouldn’t know the difference.

So tonight, Cathi got a message from Starfire Tor that there is a solar flare heading our way, -I think I can feel it- And, yes, the animals were nutsier than usual.

And we stood in the office here for 20 minutes watching lights that we couldn’t see shooting around like crazy on the security camera monitor screens.

At one point I wondered if we were seeing bugs that the camera picked up, but we couldn’t? Maybe they move too fast or they’re too small for us to see. And while I was pondering that one, one of the ‘orbs’ I was watching changed sizes, got bigger and slightly more opague.

They did not constantly shoot across the screens. and when they did show up, it was not in any patterned order. up kitty-cornered left to right one time down right to left, or left to right, usually in fairly straight lines.

I got the weird impression that these things were  rejoicing that we could see them. -That they were playing with us. They did not feel like old or angry spirits or anything.

—So- that was enjoyable— let’s hope they weren’t here to deliver any heavy duty warning about nasty things to happen in the news or anything in the not too distant future.

—Other than that- strange things have been happening- I send an invitation to somebody to join a blog and I know I got the email address right and I hear it goes to the correct email box and the person accepts the invitation. The blogs internal processes whirl and we refresh the ‘users’ page and somebody else entirely has shown up as having accepted our invitation.

Luckily this was somebody who was subscribed to that blog and was happy to accept the invitation to write stuff on it.

Now that I think about it, that might have been the weirdest ‘coincidence’ so f ar tonight.



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The View From Down Here

—So yesterday I thought I’d tease my Canadian friends with a jab at their Prime Minister.

And then, last night, there was another news story about dastardly practices by the people in power up there.

This time it wasn’t somebody getting caught with their fingers in the cookie jar again.

This was a leak about the Prime Minister (or somebody up at the top of their ruling party) keeping an “Enemies” list and telling all their newly appointed Senators who they can trust and who not to trust- (Up there, they don’t vote for Senators, the P.M.  appoints them for life? I think the appointments are for life. If I understand things right, this P.M. rose to power vowing to change the way things are done in politix up there (sounds like a familiar chorus we hear in a lot of places these days, hey?) One of the things he vowed to do was have the Senators voted for and given term limits… I think… I can get a detail or two wrong once in a while. Why don’t you go research that on your own? ooops, ya caught me trying to suggest that we’d all be better off if everybody thinks for themselves and doesn’t blindly believe to be ‘true’ any word of any government official, party dupe, newspaper publisher; or blogger- I mean, you can be pretty sure that anyone in ‘a position of power’ has his or her strings being pulled by some dark, shadowy figure behind the curtain, and you shouldn’t ever believe anything you read in a blog before checking it out with a reliably truthful source or two or three….)

So last night I called my friend, Jim, and his significant other, Cathi, to sound my own trumpet and proclaim myself a good guesser for wondering when Canadians would catch on and know they’re being lied to, manipulated, brow beaten, cheated, used, pushed around, et cetera, by evil creeps with highly questionable ethics.

And Jim told me that he and Cathi have been trying to write down impressions they get around Christmas about what the next year would have in store for us all. Jim said that all he could get this year was a lot of flooding, and he couldn’t tell where. Gaaa- it’s all over the news. Flooding everywhere. But he said that Cathi saw scandals rocking the current Prime Minister’s “mandate” to the core. She thought it would get so bad that he would have to call for early elections. Up there, if things don’t go well for the ‘sitting government’ they have to call an election, not like down here where, if you get a lemon, you’re basically stuck with it for four years. Jim’s still thinking he got more than lucky when he met Cathi, and he’s raving lately that she’s got better foresight on a lot of things than he does. (& he’s not somebody who easily launches himself into raving like that about anybody or anything.)

Yeah, so if my silly hunches and Cathi’s deep insights are any indication, it looks like Canada basically got themselves a totally controlling sonofagun for a Prime Minister with about the same set of faults as Tricky Dicky from our late sixties/early seventies. We used to be able to predict that people like that would fall hard and fall quick. Now we wonder if they’re not propped up considerably by dark forces… And wonder if even our votes matter. ( I still do not believe that George W Bush ((Bush II)) was ever legitimately voted into the white house, either time.)

And Cathi says she saw the P.M. trying to send their Parliament home so they can’t kick him out of office (I think they call that ‘pro-rorgging’ or something silly like that.) (dictionary says “proroguing”)

But he won’t be able to convince the right people to go along with this because they’ve pretty much had enough scandals from his gang of late.

(( We don’t need no stinking politicians anyway, do we? ))


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Hello up there-

(( Hi guys, How’s the move going? ))

From down here in the lovely U.S. of A we’ve been looking at your politix in Canada and wondering how many times your ruling autocrat will get caught ordering his underlings to raid the cookie jar before you run him outta town on a rail-

& Do me a favor? Don’t send him down here, we’ve already got too many crazies with too much power.


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